TGBA stands for for Transition-based Generalized Büchi Automaton.

It's an OmegaAutomaton where Büchi acceptance conditions are defined in terms of transitions instead of states. Also it uses generalized acceptance conditions, meaning there are several sets of transitions. A path in the automaton is accepted if it passes infinitely often by one transition of each acceptance set.

The acronym TGBA was coined by Dimitra Giannakopoulou and Flavio Lerda [#giannakopoulou.02.forte]. However TGBAs were used before that by Jean-Michel Couvreur [].

Serge Haddad and François Vernadat [#haddad.03.vps] complement each set of the acceptance condition to define promise automata. (The use of promises to translate LTL formulae was illustrated by Alexandre Duret-Lutz and Denis Poitrenaud [#duret.04.mascots].) Max Michel also described a comparable structure earlier [#michel.84.stacs].

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