1. The CVS Server

The CVS server is hosted on minium.lip6.fr. Nobody administrates this box anymore.

2. The Spot repository

The source code of Spot moved to a GitRepository in 2008. We have yet to migrate the rest of these modules.

2.1. Access

The Spot CVS repository is in directory /Volumes/CVS/repository/spot on minium. Therefore Spot modules can be checked out using

cvs -d LOGIN@minium.lip6.fr:/Volumes/CVS/repository/spot co MODULE

Where LOGIN is your login on minium as given by Frédéric, and MODULE is one of


the sources of the library. *DO NOT USE THIS ANYMORE*, use the GitRepository instead.


the source of the web pages (excluding this WikiWikiWeb)

the LaTeX sources for the Spot Logo
the LaTeX sources for the posters

an alias for spot/buddy, in case one needs only buddy


an alias for spot/lbtt, in case one needs only lbtt

Most likely you will only be interested in the spot module.

Unlike most repositories on minium, this Spot repository is readable by anybody. It can also be checked out anonymously using the anonymous login. For instance

cvs -d anonymous@minium.lip6.fr:/Volumes/CVS/repository/spot co spot

Writes (i.e., checkins) are allowed only for users that are members of the spot group.

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