1. Availability

Here are the sources of the latest version. See the enclosed INSTALL and README files for installation instructions.

spot-1.2.6.tar.gz (12 MiB)

Older versions can be found in the same directory. Some benchmarks showing the improvement in LTL translation of past versions of Spot can be found here.

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Spot is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. It also includes a modified version of BuDDy, distributed under this license.

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2. Related

You may also try the development version.

3. Requirements

You should have the Boost C++ development files installed.

Spot needs Python (version 2.0 or greater), with supporting headers installed. Two extension modules will be installed: buddy.py (an interface to BuDDy), and spot.py (an interface to Spot). These modules make it possible to use Spot from Python scripts. If you don't have Python headers, you can explicitely disable Spot's Python interface with ./configure --disable-python.

Spot can optionally be linked with GreatSPN (see the --with-gspn configure option documented in README). However this requires changes to GreatSPN that should be distributed in the near future (most of them are already available in GreatSPN's CVS repository). Linking with GreatSPN allows us to check LtlFormulae on WellFormedPetriNets.

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